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Why is Spay and Neuter so strongly recommended?

A pregnancy may endanger your pet and bring major vet bills. Also, in the long run, indiscriminate breeding of pets may cause increased feral populations and euthanasia. Remember even kittens can start mating as early as 6 months.

Unaltered cats and dogs have urges that can make them irritable and anxious. They may yowl or whine, fight with other cats, and/or destroy objects in the house.

Intact male cats and dogs are more likely to roam, fight and spray indiscriminately. Research indicates that 80% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered males.

Spaying a female before her first heat protects her from risks inherent in any pregnancy and the risk of uterine, ovarian, and mammary cancers. Spaying also protects her from the stresses of pregnancy.

An intact female pet may mark your home with urine when in heat.
Whole male cats have very potently odorous urine, which, even if they don’t mark their territory, marked increases litter box chores.
Alters tend to be less subject to “moods” due to hormone changes in intact animals.

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