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Tips to create the perfect pet picture

Dogs and cats are adorable, but sometimes it may be hard to capture the perfect moment. For example, whenever you go to snap a pic, your best friend may have moved or has stopped smiling. Consider these additional tips to help catch your pet’s adorable pose.

•Take your time. It may take several photo sessions for your furry friend to warm up to the camera.
•Provide some treats. The snacks may help keep your pet happy and distracted.
•Consider your lighting. If you have the chance to take a photo in natural light, the backyard is a safe and welcoming spot to capture your dog’s beautiful smile.
•Let your pet engage in play. You never know what fun moment you may capture on camera.
•Take breaks. Let your puppy or kitten lead the interaction and encourage play, naps, and cuddles.
•Have fun!

Dudley Calhoon

Dudley Calhoon

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