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    Dr Rehtman and Staff,

    Thank you so very much for the lovely card I received from the office. You all are very caring people and love animals as I do. Thank you for being patient and understanding that I do the best I can. I will keep that lovely card with my dogs pictures in memory of all of you. God bless all of you.

    Sincerely Rosalind

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    Dr. Rethman,

    I can not thank you enough for the care and compassion that you showed for Taurus. I know that he was not an easy case You took the time to listen to my concerns and came up with the best plan to fit him. Even after your work was done and he was not feeling well you went above and beyond. You took the time to help me with Taurus while at a wedding long after business hours. You are truly one of a kind!! Taurus is back to his bossy self thank you.

    Taurus Zorger

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    Dear Doc,

    Thank you very much for the advice you gave for Chloe over the phone on a Sunday morning when you should have been relaxing. Felt so awful for disturbing you but very grateful & Chloe was fine afterwords!

    Barbara & Chloe

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    Thank you all, it was very difficult for us but i think it was meant to be. I know Ozzie loved all of you and so do we.

    Hi, We wanted to thank you all so much for your compassion, love and kindness shown to Ozzie and us on Monday. We can’t express enough out gratitude for all your assistance.

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    Dr Rethman, Dr Bowen & Staff

    Thank you for taking care of my pets for so long.I miss my gentle foxy and so do pierdit + ozzie. He is at peace now, thank you avail.

    Martine Delizza

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    Thank you for always being so warm and caring. From the time Taurus came out of his dental, to going home and not feeling so well. You were on top of things from offering kind and caring words to getting in touch with Dr.Rethman. Don’t ever lose that caring touch you have. The world needs more people like you. Taurus is feeling so much better! It is evident you have build a strong, caring team. There are not many places of business practice for that.

    <3 Taurus & Zorger

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    If you have not found Dr. Rethman yet, you should. He is a wonderful veterinarian located right here in Warrenton. We have had some difficult times over the last few years and I could not think of a better veterinarian to recommend to everyone. He is compassionate, friendly and most importantly competent. He is a wonderful and caring veterinarian. Dr. Rethman not only communicates well with animals but people too! He is also an excellent diagnostician. We are lucky to have him in our community.

    So if you have pets, and need a great veterinarian, we believe he is the best. He also has a terrific support staff which we are crazy about. They are also helpful, full of ideas and important information that carries easily over to us, humans. (:

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    When I heard that my Veterinarian, Dr.John Rethman was going to be “Chief of Staff” at the new Animal Medical Center of Warrenton (formerly Fox Chase Vet Clinic). I knew my dogs and I would have a permanent home. See, Dr. Rethman has been my Vet for almost 20 years. For several years he was a relief Veterinarian all over Northen Virginia and I followed him everywhere he went. Now that he is head of the Animal Medical Center of Warrenton, it makes it so much easier for me and my dogs.

    I don’t know where to begin to tell anyone and everyone what a wonderful, compassionate and caring individual he is. I have had many dogs over the past 20 years, and Dr. Rethman has always been there for them and for me, especially at some of my most difficult times. He is aware of my feelings for my dogs,- he understands they are “my kids” and he treat them as such, which means the world to me. Dr Rethman is on top of all the latest medicine, and yet he has given me common advice when caring for my dogs.

    He is NOT your typical Vet that suggests the most expensive way to treat your animal, and he will be honest with you in deciding the best treatment for your dog, (or cat.) He will not alarm you as the owner, and has a calming affect with all his patients, INCLUDING their owners!

    I feel one of his greatest assets is he never too busy to talk with you, he makes you feel like you are the only client he has – he takes time with you and your animal, he will never rush you. He understands!

    To put it in a nut shell – Dr Rethman is the greatest, most wonderful Veterinarian I have ever come in contact with. My dogs and I are blessed to have him as our Vet, but most important he is a true friend.

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    “I have been a client of Dr. Rethman’s for approximately 20 years and first met him when he was a partner in a veterinary clinic in Manassas. I was immediately impressed with his friendliness and professionalism and the fact that he took the time to clearly explain the particulars of any medical problem a pet of mine might be experiencing. He was particularly helpful in seeing me through the loss of several geriatric pets in a very short space of time. When he left this partnership and became a relief vet for a number of years, I always followed him to whatever clinic he might be working in because it’s important to me to have a veterinarian that I feel I can trust and who really cares about his patients. Dr. Rethman is always responsive to whatever questions or concerns that I might have and doesn’t hesitate to seek outside opinions on medical issues or refer me to specialists if necessary. I am delighted that he has finally “settled down” in a permanent location and wish the practice much success.”