February is 10% Off Dentals!!!

Dental Hygiene is important for your dog or your cat all year round, but February serves as a reminder to all of us- get your dog or cats teeth checked. Three out of four dogs over 3 years old have dental disease. It causes bad breath and tooth loss, but more importantly, the infection in the oral cavity spreads to vital internal organs and shortens dog’s lives. Some dogs, especially small breeds, are prone to tarter accumulation at very young ages. This causes loss of many teeth by the time they are ten years old. Your veterinarian can tell you if any dental disease is present, and how severe it is. Some dogs and cats may need professional cleaning, so don’t delay. Moreover, all dogs can benefit from at-home dental care routines.

Unfortunately, dental care is often ignored by owners. Although dogs and cats rarely get cavities, the plaque and tarter that do form can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. The most common ailment suffered by dogs and cats over three years of age. This can lead to tooth decay, bleeding gums and tooth loss. The bacteria that cause all this can travel through the bloodstream and eventually damages the major organs. Prevention can result in longer healthier lives for you pets.

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