Dec 07 2016

Facts About Beagles

Facts about Beagles

The Beagle is a very popular little dog and in these facts about beagles we can see why.

The beagle is the Goldilocks of dogs. It is neither too big, nor too small, neither aggressive nor timid, friendly but not fawning. It is, in short, for many people, the perfect dog.
Facts about Beagles

• Origin. The modern day beagle originates from England but the first ancestors of the breed can be traced to ancient Greece.
• Popularity. More popular in the states and Canada than in its country of origin, the beagle is well-liked for its pleasant personality, good looks and suitability as a family dog and hunter.
• Size. Beagles are small to medium size dogs. Males reach a height of around 14 – 16 inches, whilst females can be 13 – 15 inches high.
• Build. The beagle is a muscular, athletic dog that requires a lot of exercise to keep in shape.
• Looks. With long floppy ears and a smooth coat, the beagle is a handsome dog.
• Color. They come in a variety of colors ranging from black, white, tan, red, lemon and blue mottle. The tricolored variety is the most common.
• Temperament. Beagles have been described as even tempered, neither aggressive nor overly timid, friendly, loyal, sociable, curious, cheerful and somewhat stubborn. They are good with children because they are gentle and playful, whilst being sturdy and protective too.
• Abilities. Originally bred to hunt for hare, fish and game birds, the beagle has an acute sense of smell. They are strong, athletic and have plenty of stamina.

The like to be in a pack. Beagles are happiest when they are with other dogs!

Fun Facts about Beagles
The Beagle is an interesting dog with a fascinating past.

• Snoopy. The beloved Snoopy dog in the cartoon Peanuts is the most famous beagle.
. White tipped tail. The tip of a beagle’s tail must be white or he is not considered a true beagle. The white tip or flag has been selectively bred into the dog to make the beagle visible when his nose is to the ground. His tail sticks straight up when he is actively following a scent.
Super smellers. One of the most interesting facts about beagles is that they have some 220 million scent receptors. Man has an average of 5 million.
• They follow their nose. Beagles are wanderers by nature because of their highly developed sense of smell.
• They change colors. Tri colored beagles are almost always born black and white and change color after a few months to a couple of years. Some lose their black coloring altogether.

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